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We will continue to expand our practitioners’ knowledge and skills related to medical management of neonates through implementation of current scientific research, technology and demonstrated “best practices” (where there may not be scientific evidence) in neonatology medicine. We will share this knowledge with others through mentoring, lecturing and transferring knowledge to all professionals in the environments where we care for neonates (tertiary to community based centers).  We will continue to strive to bring medical care to the patient where we can make the greatest impact on the long term outcomes of the neonates.  We will evaluate each other, based on our patients' outcomes and provide productive feedback to reinforce best practice and promote implementation of best practice as demonstrated through documented scientific research, technology improvements and literature.




As with our clinical practice, we will strive to continually improve our business skills though implementation of best practice in management of human resources and business strategies that will attract and retain talented providers and employees.  Human resource practices will focus on reinforcing work/life balance, an environment focused on creating positive communication and cohesiveness as well as maintaining an attractive employee and shareholder benefit package.  We are committed to the long term independent viability of NAL; focusing time and resources to evaluate the market share, as our human capital allows. We will maximize the use of information technology to ensure efficiency and regulatory compliance in our business practices.




We clearly understand the necessity to provide leadership to our practice and health care community related to neonatal medicine. We accept full responsibility to implement a personal balance between work and home life in order to “refill the well” so we can best utilize knowledge and skill we have learned as well as the gifts that have been bestowed upon us to contribute to society.  We will strive for 100% accountability (saying what you will do and then doing what you say) and for creating a positive work environment through our words and behaviors which will earn the “trust“ necessary to produce the best clinical outcomes for our patients and families and the best business outcome for NAL’s current and future independent viability.